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Managing Hearing Loss in Seniors

Growing older brings many psychological benefits such as experience, maturity and wisdom but when it comes to the body, things don’t always work exactly how they used to. Joints wear out, muscles tighten up and for some reason or another, hearing starts to deteriorate. The difficulty


2019 Top 4 Senior Financial Scams

Financial scams that abuse the elderly are a growing problem within the US, with more than $36 billion swindled every year. Reports suggest that at least one in 18 older adults within the US are scammed every year – and that figure is even higher amongst


Finding the Right Elder Care Attorney

Legal and financial planning for your older family members can be pretty complicated so getting help from an expert is invaluable. An elder care lawyer can help you protect assets, ensure that care needs are met and also consider estate planning too. However, with so many


How To Fight Night Anxiety (Sundowning)

Many elderly people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease will experience Sundown Syndrome. This is a neurological phenomenon in which sufferers feel restlessness and increased confusion on an evening. From these symptoms, a number of dangers could arise without the supervision and services of a caregiver.


Home Preparation For Dementia Or Alzheimer’s

The environment of a Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer can greatly influence their wellbeing and safety. Your home is one of the most important places that you need to prepare. Making sure your home is safe and secure is crucial to stamp out potential dangers and safety


The Benefits of Working With The Elderly as A Caregiver

It really should go without saying that anyone who devotes their working time and energy towards helping others, particularly in the healthcare sector, is admirable. However, it is understandable that working in a hospital or nursing home is not necessarily right for everyone. However, if you


In Home Safety Tips For Seniors

If you are concerned about the safety of elderly parents or relatives who are living alone, it is understandable. There have been studies that have shown that older people living alone are more likely to suffer fatally from injuries than younger people. Therefore, the safety of


Caregivers Improve Elderly Life Quality

How do Caregivers Improve Elderly Life Quality? If you are considering assisted living in Groton, CT for a loved one or for yourself, you should consider the ways in which caregivers improve life quality within your research. Those special individuals who work in the health and


Summer Activities for Seniors

If you are planning to spend some good active exercise time with your loved elderly ones, summer is one of the best seasons for it. If you take an older adult of your family out of the house during summer, it is an excellent boost to


Elderly Social Isolation

We all know the value and importance of socialization in childhood. However, we hardly consider the benefit for elderly to socialize. Older people are prone to be isolated as they retire and struggle to go to the regular places they use in the previous stages of

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