Summer Activities for Seniors

If you are planning to spend some good active exercise time with your loved elderly ones, summer is one of the best seasons for it. If you take an older adult of your family out of the house during summer, it is an excellent boost to their health.  It will help increase vitamin D from the sunshine will help fighting cancer, heart attack, osteoporosis, and depression. Below are ideas for activities that you and your senior may enjoy during summer:

Bird watching

It is fun to see the birds bathing. If you buy a small birdbath or a bird feeder and keep it to your lawn or garden, and sit outside and enjoy it. Will be a great excuse for some outside walking time and help stimulate brain activity in your loved one.

Flying a kite

You can fly a kite standing or sitting in your backyard. A low impact activity that has lots of fun potential.


Those who were outdoor lovers in their early days will enjoy fishing a lot.  Will help keep that sharp competitive edge that keeps people active and healthy.


You can sign up as a volunteer in the nearby library, cinema or soup kitchens. You will gain delightful experiences with a good time.


You can take water aerobics or continue swimming at your older age. Many community pools allot separate time slots for the older adult participation.

Visiting museum

You can visit the nearby museums. There are many excellent museums in New London County area. Some of them offer a discount for the older adults or a free day to visit.


You can spend time by making scrapbooks in your spare time. It is an enjoyable indoor activity on those rainy days. They can enhance their memory power and celebrate life by doing this creative process. You can also gift scrapbook to your grandchildren or the neighbors.

Go to the beach or park

You can soak up the sun going the to parks or the beaches during summer. Enjoy the lovely sunny day. You should use sunscreen and a hat. Don’t forget to take an umbrella. Try to sit beside or under a tree.

Go to the farmer market in summer

Since it is the season of different fairs such as craft fair, you can go to the farmer market and flea markets to see and buy goods of your choice.

Make a small picnic

You can arrange a small picnic in your backyard or the park close to your home. Take a blanket, some snacks, beverages and enjoy the scenario around you.

Start gardening

You can start gardening even at any age. If you have a garden already and no open space left to make a new one, then talk to your neighbors for a community garden. You people can lease a plot to make a garden for vegetables or flowers. Gardening will  help lessen ones stress.

These are some quick activity ideas that you can do with our elderly loved one. If you are looking for help in creating opportunities like this on a daily basis contact us now at Homelife. We will provide the best care givers who are experts in keeping seniors in an active healthy lifestyle. Have a great and active summer!

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